Getting Started: Adding Options

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Before you start adding options, please review the following recommendations that will help you when creating options: 

  • It's easiest to create your options after all of you choices are added. If you need help adding choices, view this article
  • When adding an option, you will see a Save button at the bottom of each tab, don't forget to click this Save after entering or editing information and before moving to the next tab.
  • Knowing what type of customization option you need to create, i.e. "imprint color" or "product color"; will help you throughout the process of adding your options.

Access the Option Editor to get started:

  1. Go to the Products 
  2. Click Add/Edit Options

TIP: You can also get to the option editor by clicking the "EDIT OPTIONS" link, towards the top of your screen, when in the Product or Choice Editorstwob.png

Just like when adding a product, you will be moving through tabs to add or edit new options. See below for more information about each tab: 


Option Type: Every option must have an option type selected. Keep in mind that once a type is selected, the option will only display choices with the same option type assigned to them. 

Option Name: This is REQUIRED to continue past the Main Info tab. Simply name your option appropriately because this will display to the customer who is ordering the product. 

Option Number: This is REQUIRED to continue past the Main Info tab. Add a number to the option similarly to how you add a number to a product. There is no wrong way to do this, but keep in mind that this will be a number for you to identify this option when you receive an order. The number is also displayed to the customer when ordering. 

Note: When adding a new option, you cannot name and number the option exactly like another option that is already existing in your account. The Number and Name combination must be unique UNLESS you use the "Style Number" field in conjunction with the Number and Name.

Style Number: This field is used to differentiate multiple styles of the same option. 

Style Name: This field is used to differentiate multiple styles of the same option. 

Description: Enter the description of your option here. Do not enter pricing here.


Internal Supplier Information: Text entered in this field does not display to your customer. It is for your internal use only. 

Vendor Inventory Control Number: This option number can be used to track inventory from the vendor for use with internal inventory tracking systems.

Date Range to Display Option in Catalog: By default, all options will be displayed during the same time frame that any product they have been assigned to does. If you would like an option to be displayed through a different time frame, enter the dates here. 

Date Range for Option to be Active: By default, all options will be considered active unless dates have been assigned to these fields. If you would like a different "active" date, enter this here. 

Associated Product Versions: You can specify what product versions the option will be show up on when the product is ordered. For example, if the customer orders a product from a "blank" product version, they would not need to choose any imprint options. 


If you have images to represent this option, use this page to upload them here.


Just like the product pricing table, you can enter in current or future pricing. The pricing you enter can be a per piece price when adding it under the "Quantity Prices" section, or they can be 1 time "setup" charges, if you select the "Setup" section and enter the pricing there.  CLICK HERE for more information about the pricing tab. 


Use this tab to select choices that are available for selection in the option. Use the arrows to move these option from left to right to assign the choices to this option. 


This tab will allow you to control the ordering process of your product. 

Ordering Question: When going through the shopping cart to place an order, the customer will see the option accompanied by the ordering question. For example: "What product color would you like?"  or "Do you want the product poly bagged?" 

Minimum Option Quantity or Number of Choices: The default is "0" if the option is not required.If the option is a required option, the default is "1". This field is used when you need at least one choice or option value chosen to be able to fill the order easily. 

Maximum Option Quantity or Number of Choices: The default is unlimited. Here's an example of this feature being used: 

A supplier sells a product that has many stock imprint colors available but a customer can only choose a one color imprint for the item. 

Minimum Main Order Quantity for this Option to be Available:

Maximum Main Order Quantity for this Option to be Available: The default is unlimited, and this option is often used for things like Less than Minimum charges. Here is an example of this feature being used: 

If the minimum quantity displayed for a product is 100. You can enter "99" into this field and when the customer enters a number less than 99, the option will be displayed. 

Is This Option Optional or Required?: If the option is required, the Minimum Option Quantity must be at least one. 

Should Option be Replicated on a Copy Change?: The vast majority of the time, the answer will be "yes". If you have and option that is not available on a copy change, you would select "no". 

Number of Option that is Included in Base Price: The default is zero. Here's an example f this feature being used: 

A supplier offers a product with numerous imprint colors available and multiple color imprints available. The first color is free and there is a charge for each additional color. The supplier can input pricing on the option and offer the imprint colors available as option choices. If a "1" is entered in this field, the customer will not be charged for the first color, only additional colors chosen after the first. 

Type of Form Field to Display When Ordering: This allows you to control how a customer orders on the shopping cart. CLICK HERE for the type of form fields and their descriptions. 

Sort Choices For This Option: This is the order in which the choices will be presented on the ordering form. you can sort them by using the arrows on the right hand side of the box.



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