How to Upload Product Data for Import

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Upload DC's Product Data Spreadsheet for Import

(For example, update or import Product name, number, pricing, description, production time, & more supporting product details)

  1. Select Products in the left menu

  2. Click Bulk Product Manager

  3. On the Product Data File Manager page, click Upload Import Spreadsheet
    The Product Data Spreadsheet Upload box will open

  4. Choose Product Data in the Update Type dropdown

  5. Next, choose the fields you've made changes to in the spreadsheet under Fields to Updatefivea.png

    If you've selected to update Pricing, select how the price should be calculated during importfiveb.png

  6. Enter comments as neededsix.png

  7. Click Select file

  8. Find and upload your Product Data Spreadsheet

  9. Click Save in the bottom right corning of the Product Data Spreadsheet Upload 

Once uploaded the DC Data Team will run your updates. In the meantime you can refer to the Imports table to track the progress of your import.

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