Add & Edit Product Keywords in Bulk

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Add keywords to your products in bulk to optimize your products for search.

  1. Export you Product Attributes
  2. Update the Keywords  
  3. Upload your updated Product Attributes to DC for import


1. Export your Product Attributes to a spreadsheet

Generate an export of your Product Attributes out of DistributorCentral. The generated file will be sent to the email address attached to your user by default. Manually enter a new email address to send elsewhere!

    1. Select Products in the left menu

    2. Click Bulk Product Manager

    3. On the Bulk Product Manager page, find the Export Product Data section & click Customize Export

    4. Ensure that the "Send to" email address is correct

    5. Under the Prepare your export file section, select DistributorCentral data (if its not already selected)five.png

    6. Then select Product Attributes in "Data type included in export" dropdownsix.png

    7. Click Begin Export
    8. Soon you'll receive an email from with a link to download your product attributes.


2. Update your products keywords in the Attributes spreadsheet

  1. Open the Attributes file once you have it downloaded
  2. Click the "Keywords" tab at the bottom of the AttributesB-two.png

  3. Add or update your product keywords here
  4. Save your changes

3. Upload your Product Attributes Spreadsheet for Import

** Product attributes MUST be uploaded be in our format to successfully import!**

  1. Select Products in the left menu

  2. Click Bulk Product Manager

  3. On the Product Data File Manager page, click Upload Import Spreadsheet
    The Product Data Spreadsheet Upload box will open

  4. Choose Product Attributes in the Update Type dropdownC-four.png
  5. Click Select file

  6. Find and upload your Updated Product Attributes Spreadsheet
  7. Click Save in the bottom right corner of the Product Data Spreadsheet Upload

The import run automatically and your new or updated attributes will be applied to your products and the day's date and time will appear in the Complete column in the Imports table to the right of your Attributes import. 

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