Getting Started with OneSource

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OneSource is an affordable solution that allows every supplier to offer PromoStandards product data to industry distributors & service providers. DistributorCentral built OneSource to connect suppliers, distributors, and service providers with standardized, validated, and accurate product data. 

  • Easy data management
    Deliver current and new product updates digitally, from a single location and watch the accuracy of order information you receive improve with OneSource's easy data management solution.

  • Validated product data
    Promote confidence in your product data with OneSource's exclusive validation feature. Correct errors caught by our data validator quickly and feel good knowing distributors & service providers get accurate data from you the first time.

  • Fast & reliable API
    Share accurate product data at lightning-fast speeds using our API that can easily handle millions of requests, has a response time of less than 200ms, and includes data validation, specific to OneSource.

  • Version translation service
    Supply data to distributors & service providers in the PromoStandards service version they need. Our version translation service will automatically render your existing service version into a different version so you can you expand your data reach.

  • Efficient workflows
    Upgrade to standardized data that can be shared digitally with distributors & service providers to support an error-free order experience from start to finish with OneSource.

  • PromoStandards support
    Save resources with OneSource's PromoStandards support. We'll help you get PromoStandards data endpoints ready for distributors & service providers so you don't have to hire any developers to do it for you.

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