How to Add a Logo to Your Account

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Display your logo to distributors in areas throughout DC, like the Product of the Day!

In this article, you'll learn how to add a square & horizontal logo to your DC account.
NOTE: The recommended logo size for the horizontal logo is 800 x 200 px, or a 4:1 aspect ratio

  1. While logged into your Supplier account, click Account
  2. Next, choose Account Maintenance
  3. On the Account Maintenance page, find the Logo sections towards the bottom mceclip4.png

  4. First under the Square Logo section, click Select File

  5. In the screen that pops up next, click Select Files to Upload to upload the logo from your computer

  6. Double-click the logo in your computer files
  7. Next, ensure your entire logo is within the square box shown after double-clicking your logo
  8. Click Save

  9. Then click Upload to add your square logo to your account

  10. Once the square logo is uploaded, find the Horizontal Logo section, click Select File

  11. Repeat steps 5 - 9 to upload a horizontal logo


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