How to Add Account Users

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Give employees controlled access to your DC account by adding them as a user.

By default, every account has an admin user who has unrestricted access to the entire DC account. However, more users can be added and you can assign as few or as many rights as they need to perform their job duties in DC.

In this article you'll learn how to add a new user & assign the user's rights within DC.

  1. From your Supplier account, click Account in your left side menu

  2. Click Users

  3. Select User Maintenance

  4. On the Account User List page, click Add New User

  5. Enter the user's information

  6. Click Create after you've filled out all the of the new user's information 

  7. Once your new user is created, click User Group Assignments

  8. Next, on the User Group Assignment page, move the user groups you'd like to give this user rights to from User Groups section and over to the Member of sectionmceclip0.png

  9. Click Save


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