How to Add or Edit Contact Information

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Up-to-date contact information is important to ensure that high-priority correspondences, like new order notifications or more info requests, are sent to the right place within your company and reviewed in a timely manner. 

In this article, you'll learn how to manage your company's contact information in DC. 

  1. From your Supplier account, click Account in your left side menu

  2. Next, choose Account Maintenance

  3. On the Account maintenance page, click Contacts

    You'll be taken to a list of existing account contacts

From the Contacts list, you can....

  • Add a new contact:
      1. Click Add new Contact to start a contact from scratch, or find an existing contact that is similar and click Add Similar to the far right
      2. Next, add your new contact details in the new contact fields
        Be sure to update the Contact Type
      3. Click Save when complete
  • Or edit an existing contact:
        1. Click View/Edit to the right of your contactmceclip4.png
        2. Update the contact fields as needed
          NOTE: Email and Last Name are required
        3. Click Save when you're changes are complete

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